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To be continued…… When i hear boy is talking about WEREWOLF i said “r u crazy werewolf doesn’t exist. They are only in comics and fucking twilight and herrypotter novels.”. “you think i am joking my family dead and you think i am joking why i am telling you all this things. I knew it no one believe ” james said and start weeping again. “hey james i am sorry i believe you but this werewolf thing i can’t believe.” i told him. “if you don’t believe me than i can show you come with me” james replied and he get up and start going outside “where are you going?” i asked him “you just follow me” he replied normaly he is not looking back. So i decided to start following him. And here Einstein theory of relativity proved again. The boy james head toward woods and he looking at the moon in every minute. I don’t know why he is looking at the moon. My curiosity make me to ask him so i asked him”why are you looking to the fucking moon? “. ” he varies from human to werewolf at the time of the full moon. When moon is going to be at the top of your head in the sky at that time you can se that werewolf” james answered like he know everything about werewolf. “tell me more about werewolf” i said to james. “at the time of full moon he change into wolf and he will be hungry then he come toward town to hunt human being because human are easy to hunt for that wolf and he likes to eat human flash it is very soft and teasty” james explained. “but how did you know about all this things about that wolf” i asked james. When i asked him this he stopped and answered “i also know that werewolf like to trap his hunt. He can change into any human duplicate when its full moon” and when he is answering he slowly coming closer to me and stopped. And here that child wins because he make some fear in my police mind.


Then i asked him “where we are going?”. “we are about to reach at our destination just here” james replied. And we are on the top of monutain from where we can see complete full moon. The moon looking so beutifull but this beutifull thing give birth to one monster who like to eat human flash. Than i said “so now where is your werewolf” and i turned around james is not there i start shouting ” james, james, james, where you are kid? James”

And james just invisible where he gone i don’t know. In a few moment i hear a loud sound of wolf howling. And now horses of fear start running in my mind. I start running toward my house. When i am busy in running at that time i feel that someone is following me. I look back and there is a real huge werewolf who is coming toward me i absolutely know that he is coming for me he want my flash. Suddenly i fell down rapidly i turn around and there is nothing i keep tooking around no one there that wolf also just invisible like james does. And when i start getting up james appears and said “sir where you been i am searching you from half an hour”. I get up and said to james “james run there is real werewolf you are right werewolf realy exist lets go now” i said him in voice of fear. ” now you believe in werewolf because you saw him” james said it to me with a smile on his face. And james move on few distance from me when he is talking to me. “is that wolf looking like this” james tell me in horrible sound. And i saw james converting into a big werewolf. “oh my god its fucking you, jesus help me” only this words came from my mouth my mind stop working. I don’t know what to do. I saw james in form of werewolf coming to me. He came to me and start howling because he is now happy he get human flash. I just closed my eyes and start shouting HELP! HELP! HELP!


I hear a some words when i close my eyes “mohit! Mohit! Mohit! Wake up its already 10:00 am you have to wake up mohit! Mohit! And i open mu eyes and think its fucking dream again but filling good because that wolf didn’t eat me and i am ALIVE.


Hope you like it by Mohit Malviya. If you like this story then i request you to like, comment review so i can improve myself, share as much as you can.



Published by Mohit Malviya

My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

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