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Say no to drugs

There are two types of drugs. One which helps us to protect our body from virus-caused diseases. Second which help us to destroy our body and our life very slowly. So here I am sharing a story which helps you to understand what is drug addiction and how a single pill of drug can ruin your life completely. So read it and think about drug addiction if you are using it then leave it now and if you are clean then you are going to be success in your life. So let’s start.

This is a story of a young boy intelligent, smart and clever. He has always been good to everyone. His name is Suresh. He topped his board examination and take admission in college for graduation. He always want to be good in his life also want to be a senior officer in the government field and he was also able to do it. But you know there are many things which distract you from your goal and the probability of distracting is greater than the probability of not distracting in your life.

It was the first day of college he attended his classes. At lunchtime when he was sitting in the canteen one group of spoiling guys came and meet with Suresh. They start talking with Suresh they asked Suresh about his family, class, and subject and many more things. Suresh is a clever boy so he answered gently. Suresh was new in this college he didn’t know anyone in college and he wanted some friends for some enjoyment and for help in studies. So Suresh thought these guys are good because these guys behave very good with Suresh. Suresh didn’t knew that this guys are spoilers of college. So Suresh is friendly with them.

They start started meeting every day. They used to sit in the canteen talking teasing and always having fun. Now Suresh joined there group. After few days Suresh gets to know that these guys are addicted to some kind of drugs but Suresh ignored this information because he knew that he is not going to do anything like drugs. He was sure about his goal. But one day leader of spoiler group named Rohit. But everyone calls him rocky. Rocky is nickname of him. So rocky invited Suresh at his house party. Suresh denied. But rocky keep insisting him and finally rocky convinced him for house party. Rocky said “sure your coming” and Suresh said, “yes I am coming”. And this “yes” totally changed Suresh’s life.

Its 9:30 pm party is about to start everyone was preparing for a party. Soon the party started. They brought 2 bottles of whiskey, some cigarettes, cold drinks, some peanuts, and soda. That’s all what Suresh saw when the party started. Suresh already told them about himself. He is clean and he is not going to drink alcohol. So he was drinking some soft drinks and having some peanut that’s all. But slowly all guys start more enjoying seems like they were getting high. They start dancing on Panjabi music they insist Suresh to come on the dance floor and have some dance. Suresh said no I don’t know how to dance but they continually forcing Suresh for dance and Suresh get up and start dancing. I already told you that the probability of distracting is greater than the probability of not distracting in our life. And that’s what happened with Suresh. After some time they persistent Suresh to drink alcohol. And Suresh drunk. Suresh drunk alcohol first time in his whole life so he was getting high and higher. But Suresh thought it was enjoyable and Suresh was enjoying his moment. After some time one guy brought something looking like cigarettes but they were not cigarettes. They were some different from cigarettes so Suresh asked them about that thing “what is this” Suresh asked “this is Babaji ki booty” rocky answered “what does it mean” Suresh asked “its just like a hand made cigarette it pure with no chemicals” rocky answered “okay sounds good” Suresh said ” its not only sounds good it also give very awesome trip try it man” rocky told him “no I don’t smoke” and here again Suresh going down and more down he smoked that joint which known as “baba Ji booty” in India. After some time Suresh got so much high and apparently he fell down on the floor he was out of his mind. He can’t control his body anymore now that drug was controlling his body in his mind he was enjoying but in real life, he was just out of his head. Than rocky picked up him and help him to get in the bed.

Next morning Suresh wake up normally with little hangover. Rocky drop him at home and Suresh get ready and went to college where he again meets with his friend who was with him at last night’s house party. Suresh said that baba Ji ki booty is amazing. I want to smoke it one more and last time. Suresh again smoked it. Now he start smoking it continually every day. And now that baba Ji ki booty was not working on him. So started taking powder which is so expensive to perches. So its hard to purchase for Suresh so he asked his father for more money but his father was a simple farmer he had fix amount for Suresh so his father told him “I am sending you 1000 rupee so use it carefully because that what I have now and I will get my payment after a month so Suresh take care about that”. Now Suresh had 1000 rupee and he spend all in purchasing powder. Now he was a high consuming drug addict. All he knows about himself was the need drug. He lost his goal and now he was running for drugs because that was only a thing which he want most importantly. He spent all of his pocket money for brought powder. Now he needs more power but he had not enough money to brought it. So he went to his friends and asked for money his friends denied to give him money because they were also out of money. They were same as Suresh. They also needed money for drugs. Then one guy from a group named “jakie” gave an idea to get money. He said “tomorrow in Gandhi Nagar there was a marriage ceremony we will get there on the bike and we snatch chains and jewelry from people who are coming for this ceremony. These jewelry get us more and more money than we easily purchase our drugs how much we want” this idea is horrible and dangerous because he was talking about “chain snatching” which is a horrible crime. But they all needed money the most important thing they want now that is drug and for drug also needed money. So they approved the plan. Now Suresh was on the highest stage of drug addiction now he didn’t think about anything that he was going to do for drugs. Because now drugs were controlling all of his body especially mind. And my mind, we think what is wrong and what is right.

The next day they all were at the wedding. Waiting for folks to come so they can snatch some jewelry from them. Suddenly one old couple arrived and that couple is targeted by them. When that old couple come closer they started there bike rapidly they snatch there chain and jewelry. That lady who was wearing it fall down on the road she was injured and start bleeding. But our heroes they had victory they succeeded in there plan. They don’t even think about that couple whom they robbed very easily.

The next day there was news in the newspaper about chain snatcher Suresh was reading that news and he finds out that “yesterday a group of chain snatcher snatched chain from an old couple on the road who was going home from the wedding ceremony. The name of the old couple is Ramlal and her wife Sarita Devi” when Suresh read this new he shocked because the victim who was an old couple they were Suresh’s own parents. And he robbed his own parent. That’s was a day when the mind of Suresh is our of drug because this news clears all of drug particles from his brain now he is thinking about what he did. He robbed his own parents. And this is the most tragic news of Suresh’s s life.

Suresh don’t know what to do now. He thought about it full day he was sad and crying. Because drug made him do this. He went home after a day and meet with her parents in hospital where he saw her mother was in bed with a bandage on her head and on hand. When he saw his mother’s condition and reason behind this condition of his mother was Suresh himself. He cried out loudly and told truth to his parents that “mummy I did this I snatched jewelry from you last night I was there with snatcher gang I am the reason why you are here in this hospital will of injury” his father start weeping. I want you to think about it your parents were robbed and you are with them who robbed your parents how you feel when you get to know about it. This most trash feeling of the world who are taking care of you and you injured them physically or mentally then you are the most worse person in the world. This was what Suresh did.

Now Suresh was full of guilt but now he can’t do anything because his image in front of his parents was entirely dead. Now Suresh is nothing in front of his parents. He lost his goal he lost his parents and about friends, they never been his friends because friends help us to be good and fine in life but spoiler group they spoil Suresh’s whole life. Suresh now thinking about that first day of college when he was in the canteen and meet the spoiler group. But now he had nothing other than a proper guilt.

Thus how drugs can spoil you and your life. So don’t be addicted to drugs or anything. Because addiction always kills. If you want some addiction than do it by good things which help you to be a great and good person in your life.


This story based on true event. Name of corrector are not real because this story didn’t written in purpose of hurt tham again and again. At last i only want to say “be aware from whom you are meeting is they are good for you or bad think about it than be with tham”

Hope you like it. Written by Mohit Malviya. I request you to like, comment and share as much as you can so everyone can know and feel about harmful effects of drugs. Drug are easy to start but very hard to stop it 10% human can stop drugging.



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My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

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