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Previously on THE CHAMBERS….

my name is Emily, Emily Watson. I live in an AREA BACKWARD 7. Where killing virus caused disease spotted which can connected by food, water, and air. I fell in love with a guy named Bruce and now I have a fetus of a baby child in my stomach. I wanted my baby child to come in this world but Bruce said there is some horrible problem about giving birth in AB7.


Bruce told me that there is an outrageous problem to give birth in AB7. “What is that problem,” I asked. “The problem is that the virus will infect a baby child in just 2 seconds. If our baby will take birth, he will die in just 60 seconds and I don’t want this” Bruce answered. “So what we do now,” I asked with gloom on my face. “Abortion, I think this is good for us if our baby will going to die on birth that it’s good……” Bruce stop without completing his words. “Then what, we are going to kill our baby child now but I am clearing you that I don’t want my child dead now or ever( flow of tears began from my eyes) I want my baby child to come in this world,” I told him with ripping off my tears. “In this world, are you talking about this fucking world where is no peace of humility left and all humans are also working like machine. Better to die if you are coming in this world.” Bruce said with Lil bitterness in his words. “But I want my baby child,” I said with sorrow.

After hearing ” but I want my baby child” from me Bruce said ” you are not getting me” and he just walked out and I am alone sobbing and thinking about my baby child.

That night I can’t able to sleep because every time I close my eyes face of a lovely child was there in my closed eyes.

Bruce came home the next morning and he entered and closed the door then came to me directly and said: “there is one thing we can do for our baby child”. ” and what is that” I asked. “ANG” he answered. ” ANG? it’s not possible, people of AB7 are not allowed there” I said. ” yes, we are not allowed there but there is only one way to get there and that way is our last option” he said. ” are you talking about that game, NO, Bruce that game is not a game it’s a trap” I said with painful expression.

Now I am going to tell you about ANG and THE GAME. ANG means AREA NEW GENERATION, this area is a dream of every human of AREA BACKWARD because ANG is a place where every resource available and there is a virus-free environment with pure air and atmosphere. There is only one way to get in ANG and that way is a game named “THE CHAMBERS”. it’s a game of five chambers, five different tasks and ten days to complete it. This is only we know about that game which we are going to play.

” Are you sure Bruce about game,” I asked him. Then he replied ” there is no other way, we have to play this game if we want our baby child alive. We will play this game for our baby child if we die, we die together and of we win, we win together”

The next day we went to Mr. Welcome he is the man who invented this game. This game is entertainment for people of ANG. what players are doing in that chambers, all will be live in ANG. How much worst this world is, human are enjoying watching the death of humans. This is a perfect proof about this world that there is no humility left.


To be continued…….

Dear readers episode 3 will publish soon. If you are reading this episode then I want you to read the first episode of the series “THE CHAMBER” (Episode 1). I if you like this series then please share as much as you can. And if you see some default in this episode then aware me in comment chamber. Help and support.

Thank you

From Mohit Malviya


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