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THE CHAMBERS:- THE GAME( epishod- 3)

Previously on the chambers……

My name is Emily, Emily Watson I lived in AB7. I fall in love with a guy named Bruce and I was pregnant but this was not good to give birth in AB7. So we decided to go to ANG(AREA NEW GENERATION). But if we want to get in ANG then firstly we have to play a game named THE CHAMBERS. so we went to Mr. Welcome who is the founder of the game.


“Welcome, welcome, welcome young man and young lady, come have a sit” Mr. Welcome invited in. He and his wife sitting there her wife known as Mrs. Welcome she is kind of woman who is not happy about the game which is created by her husband.

“So why this young couple is here,” Mr. Welcome asked. Then Bruce replied”we want to go to ANG” After hearing this Mr. Welcome start laughing and said ” but you it’s not that easy”

“Yes, we know that’s not easy but we are ready to play the game to get in there because we don’t have any other choice” I replied.

” I think there is any reason behind it,” Mrs. Welcome said. ” yes, there is….that’s why we want to go in ANG” I replied.

” so you both already decided to play the game so i won’t stop you but i would like to ask you last and final time….Are you sure” Mr. Welcome asked.

When Mr. Welcome asked I started thinking what if we failed to complete the task of the game? Is this is a good decision? Is this really our last option? Then I looked at Bruce face and his eyes telling me that “if we want our baby child alive then this is our last option” and I replied to Mr. Welcome “yes, we are sure we will play because this is what we can do now”

” So now you are sure then I would like to introduce the game. Its a game of five chambers, five tasks, and ten days. Two days for every chamber in which you have to complete your task. Because there are five chambers this game called THE CHAMBERS. So your game will start from chamber 1 and all instruction will be there live” Mr. Welcome explain.

“Now you have one day so last time I like to tell you, think about it, tomorrow morning your game will be starting,” Mr. Welcome said and moved with Mrs. Welcome.

After that, we went home. I was sitting on the sofa and Bruce was in the bedroom we both were not talking because we both were just thinking about tomorrow. I was talking with my baby child ” we will save you, you are not gonna die, we will take you to ANG and give you a nicer life”.

After a few moments Bruce came to me with pain in his eyes. He held my hand and said “listen, Emily, what will happen tomorrow we don’t know we can’t even guess because we don’t even know that chambers. We are playing this game only for our child. We will cost our life for our baby child and if we lose…..” he started sobbing.

“No, no, no, don’t say this we will do it and we will save our baby child,” I said to bruce and we just lay down on the sofa.

The next morning I and Bruce were ready to play the game now we were cleared about our decision. Our mind only knows we want to save our baby child.


To be continued

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Published by Mohit Malviya

My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

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