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Something about dreams

Today I want to say something about dreams. What kind of dream you see when your eyes closed and your mind is not in your control? Every day we wake up with one new incomplete dream which we want to complete.

Dreams are created by activities and work we do in our whole day. Dreams are the product of those activities and work. We do not do our every work complete in our day. Now you will say I always complete my work but I am going to reply no it’s not true. Work will be complete when we complete our work with full attention and intention. Without attention and intention work will not be completed ever. When you start completing your work full of attention and intention and with full focus then that works or activities will not going to be in our dream and if these activities will not going to be in our dream then there are no dreams left which always be incomplete.

Now I am going to talk about horror dreams we called them a nightmare. This kind of dreams depends on your thinking about reality and your beliefs in superstitions. If you believe in superstitions then you are absolutely going to be traped by dreams which were very horrible. Stop believing in superstitions you will get better results soon.

Horror dreams also depend on things we show in our daily life and which are so terrifying. it can be movie or accident scene or something that make fear in your mind and you just create one image of that thing in your mind which always makes you think about that. So I would like to say that stick it out that things which always makes fear in you. Make your mind believe that it’s not really its only one accident. live in reality don’t think about things which don’t exist it helps you in avoiding horror dreams which is most worse dream nobody likes them. Superstitions are thinking which just created by the human mind and only the human mind can destroy this meaningless thinking. Half of the world believe in superstitions but there is no real proof that they belong to the real world.

At last i just want to tell you when you go in your bed and want some sweet dreams then think about that things which you like most which you love to do or you want it in your future make planning in your dreams and apply them in your real life that will help you to build your career and future. Always think positive be 100 feet away from negativity.

Thank you

Written by mohit malviya


Published by Mohit Malviya

My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

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