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A dark night with full moon. A dark road with one pole of light. Dogs are barking and owl are howling. Its time of winter. At a time a sound of tooth movement came through my ears. I can fill that sound of tooth movement its like some one is so cold and he don’t have anything to be warm. Then i look around and saw near pole of light. One approximately 15 year old boy sitting and snobishing. I can feel the condition of that boy his eyes talking to me. His eyes asking for help! That innocent eyes are calling me. These eyes are hungry, afraid and want help and my huminity raises. I went to the boy. When he saw me he start trying to escape from me because he is afraid.

When he is trying to escape i said “hey hey stay i am not gonna hurt you look i am simple citizen. I don’t want to harm you i am here to help you. You need food. Are you hungry?” when i told him this words he calm down and said” i am so cold”. Yes’ afcourse he is cold because its winter night almost 10 degree C temperature. Human can’t easily survive this temperature but that boy is surviving. I don’t know from how much time he is sitting there . Than i asked him ” what’s your name?”. “james” boy said. “so james do you wanna came with me. My house is just there in second street” i asked him. He silently shake his neck once.

I understood he is coming. He started follwing me. He is not walking with me he is following me. In few minutes we are at my house. Its not mighty just one compound. One BHK where i am leaving alone. Don’t think i am all alone. My faimly leaving in a town 20km away from here. Now you r thinking that ” this guy messed with his wife and his wife kicked out him from house with NO MERCY”. And here i am to correct your thinking. I am an officer in police department here in this town i am doing my job. Every weekend i move to my faimly and my wife she is so beutifull just like this moon shinning in the dark sky. So stop making my wife horrible by your odd thinking.


I open the door and invite james in. He innocently came in and set near fire by my chimney. He want to be warm. I brought one blacket and wrapped around him. Then i went to the kitchen cook some hot soup and gave to james. Than i sit near him. For a moment we don’t speak anything. Than i started because its my duty. I asked him. “so james how did you get there outside. Where is your mom and dad. I can help you to find out your parents”. After hearing this words from me his breath start moving fast inhale and exhale i can here sound of his breath. Then i feel like he again being afraid then i said him. “hey don’t be afraid of anything i am here. I will protect you tell me about your parents where are they?”. And he start crying and i move more closer to him to keep him calm and i said. “ok ok i don’t ask you anything ok you just sleep take some rest we will talk about this any other day okay” and he calm down down and wipe his tears himself and lay down on the floor near fire. I gave him smile with ” goodnight” and start moving toward my room. When I am about to get in my room james called me ” sir” and i rapidly move toward him and said ” yes you want something”. James said “do you want to know about my parents”. I replied “yes but we will talk about it later”. James said “they are dead”. I shocked and replied “what”. “yes they are no more” james said with sadness in his eyes. Its just like innocent voice telling you that “i am fucked”. James saying that my parents are dead. Horses of my police mind start running and some questions appears in my mind “if they are dead than how this boy get here on the road? First of all how his parents dead together isn’t it looking some defected?” i just want to know how so i asked him ” how they dead together?” after asking this to james i look into his eyes i can see fear in his eyes its seems like he saw something terrible. ” don’t be afraid just tell me what happened to them TELL ME” I said him in little sound up. ” A dark monster a monster very…….. Terrifying very huge, dangerous black colored with four foots and long and sharp teeths seems like a killer” james explained. “where? ” i asked. “in woods” he replied. “what kind of monster? I mean how its look like?” i asked him. ” that monster looks like…….. Mixture of wolf and human because when i saw him at first place he was human then when we saw him again he changed in a huge black colored, dark like a hell and dangerous WEREWOLF then he RUN toward my parents and…………….. He killed my mom and dad( talking with eyes full of tears) by luck i escaped and i think he is coming for me.

To be continue………….

Published by Mohit Malviya

My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

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