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THE CHAMBERS:- IT’S ME, EMILY (episode – 1)

(Here I am representing a story with the theme of video game in which, several tasks exist. The main characters of this story are a girl named “Emily” and her boyfriend named “Bruce”, who play the game with risking their lives to give a better world and better life to their child.)

video games……. everybody like to play video games because they are the best thing to achieve our interest in different field like action, adventure, arcade, puzzles and many additional. We like video games because we get thousand and more lives to complete our target or task. What you will do? if you get the opportunity to play this kind of games in real life with one existence and several tasks to achieve. Would you play? No, you are not going to play this kind of games, but if you have no choice other than playing this kind of game and you are confined to play for someone you love most.

My name is Emily, Emily Watson. I live in AREA B7. Now you are thinking what kind of this AREA B7 subsists. I wanna tell you it’s the 24th century, where is no name of any cities. Now cities are named on the situation of the area. My area B7 means AREA BACKWARD NO. 7. Yes, it’s a backward area but I am happy in this area because everything is available in this area which we use in our everyday life. Only one trouble is there in this area and that trouble is so horrible and this is sufficient for disliking this area. Trouble is of virus-caused disease. Which is so fast connecting virus with air, blood, food, and water. That’s why this area called AREA B7. I work in a book store for half term of day and in another half, I used to play video games. I love video games and that’s what I want, to play video games for the whole life. But you know life is not that simple.

One day I saw a guy, who is good looking, handsome. I don’t know why my eyes just stuck on him. I liked him. But I was not that brave to go and talk to him. So I just walked away without talking to him. On the next day, I saw him again in the same place where I saw him yesterday. But today he also looked at me. My heart filled with shyness when he looked at me so I turn around and again walked away. But now I had decided if I saw him again then I will go and talk to him. I went there again where I saw him yesterday. He was standing there at the same place, seem like he was waiting for me. So I directly went to him and just looked into his eyes and I said “I don’t know you and your name and from where you belong, I just know that I like you. I also don’t know why I am here in front of you. I don’t want to be here but I am here because it feels like something is there between us who pushing me towards you. I can’t able to move, my eyes, my heart, and all my body just dazed when I look at you. This is black magic or something I don’t know so please Can you explain what and why this is all happening with me?” I don’t know from where all words appear in my sense. I just spoke this word in front of him then he replied “I also don’t know why? I always used to come here. I don’t work here but I am here, why?, I don’t know. I think this is all because of our instinct who wants us to come together. I always used to come here and stand here on this same place without any motive and I don’t know what is happening with me too and without seeing you my day is just like a sky without stars. I think we knockdown by love “. After hearing these words from his jaws I just get out of my mind because still, I don’t know what happened in these three days. Before these days I was all alone and now I was dating a guy whose name is Bruce. We started spending time together, we dated each other for 6 months. And one day Bruce took me to a beautiful place and he proposed to me. And I answered “yes”. That day was the happiest day of my life I want that day back in my life. But you know life belong to a world of complications.

We just started our happy life and I found that I am pregnant. When I knew it I felt like this is a starting of our new life with a newborn baby child. I was so happy to have a fetus of first child in my stomach. I ran to Bruce and told him ” Bruce I am pregnant”. “what! you are pregnant. No no no this is not good no Emily this is not good news” he replied. I didn’t know why he was talking like this. Is he not happy to have a baby child? So I just asked him ” but why? Why this good news is not good for you? “. ” no Emily no you do not get me. This is not good to give birth in AREA B7″ he replied. “But why what is the problem?” I asked him. He replied “There is not the only problem, there is also a massive gloom behind it”

To be continue

Note:- episode 2 will publish soon.


Published by Mohit Malviya

My name is Mohit Malviya I am a newborn writer I like to write what appears in my mind it can be a story, poem or any of my thoughts. So I want you to all readers to help and support my blog.

2 thoughts on “THE CHAMBERS:- IT’S ME, EMILY (episode – 1)

  1. Awesome creation,I am very happy to knowing this that you are not only a good person but a good author also..I loved your creativity and way of thinking , it’s not easy for anyone to think a single line of poem & story, but today I am fully impressed…. Keep going on bro….😘

    Liked by 1 person

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